How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Full Truckload

FTL freight can be the cheapest way to ship big amounts of freight. If you want to know how hard it can hit your wallet, feel free to read our blog post.


How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Full Truckload


FTL shipping service implies that the consignor has enough freight to fill in the whole truck/trailer. It could be a regular dry van, flatbed, or reefer. The general weight for an average truck and trailer is somewhere between 42,000 and 44,000 lbs, or up to 30 standard (40\’\’x48\’\’) pallets. However, you should always consult with a carrier about their available capacities because you don\’t want to overweight the vehicle.

What Affects the Freight Rate

There are vital factors that directly affect the price of any kind of transportation service.

  • Mileage. Any destinations over 500 miles are considered long-haul and cost more.
  • Fuel cost. A part of fuel expenses is covered by the shipper, especially on long hauls.
  • Route. If you decide not to use high-volume lanes for your freight delivery, it will cost more.
  • Chosen service/truck type. Different shipping services might use different vehicles for transportation, thus cost more.
  • Freight class. Freight class also determines transportation costs.
  • Additional services. Handling, packaging, driver\’s help, etc. can also affect the rates.
  • Seasonality and weather conditions. Different seasons may have higher rates.
  • Region. Some US states have different trucking demands in terms of capacity.

How to Quote Truck Loads

FTL quotes are simple to get if you get in touch with a carrier. Most of them have their own websites with freight rates estimators where you can calculate approximate costs. Or you can directly call/email the carrier, and their specialists will calculate it for you. Calling sometimes is even better. You can provide important pieces of information that might not be listed in the website form.


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