Flatbed Trucking Brokerage Service from Delta Express


Any business that requires heavy or oversized cargo transportation needs flatbed load brokers. Working with good oversized load brokers grants you an opportunity to deliver freight of any size fast and cost-effectively.

Heavy haul brokers are the one who specializes in search of carriers who can handle any freight:

  1. Heavy machinery;
  2. Oversized equipment;
  3. Wind turbines;
  4. Storage tanks;
  5. Cranes;
  6. Boilers;
  7. Oversized construction materials.

Delta Express, as a transportation broker, can fulfill any logistical task. Be sure to contact us if you have any heavy cargo to haul.

Delta Express: Trusted Flatbed Trucking Brokerage Service

Delta Express is a trucking company with its own brokerage department. We provide a wide range of trucking services and brokerage services. Our specialists can find the best truck and qualified driver to deliver your freight.

Why you should work with Delta Express:

  • We are an experienced and reliable carrier;
  • Our goal is to perform high-quality logistics services;
  • Our logistical and broker department can handle even the hardest load;
  • We offer fast and accurate shipping quotes;
  • You can track your freight 24/7.