LTL Trucking Brokerage Service from Delta Express


Less than truckload transportation broker is a person or a company that specializes in LTL freight shipping. Their responsibility is to find the carrier that can properly deliver small loads and also provide affordable partial truckload services.

Benefits from working with LTL freight broker:

Lower prices.

Working with an LTL broker will be a great way to get better prices for your LTL freight.


Any experienced LTL freight broker has a transportation management system (TMS), and you can use it for free. It allows you to get quotes from different carriers and pick the most attractive price.

Vendor Management.

You don’t need to worry about updates and changes because the broker will take care of all this.


Brokers can be customer service for your freight. They basically can be a logistics department for some companies.

Correct freight classification.

Sometimes LTL shipments may contain items that have different freight classes. LTL freight brokers can assist with freight classification.

Professional LTL Freight Brokerage Services From Delta Express

Delta Express is a trucking company and logistics services provider. We specialize in a wide range of freight services; also we have a broker department. If we can’t provide needed services for your freight, we can find an LTL freight carrier that meets your needs.

Why you should work with Delta Express:

  • We are an experienced and reliable carrier;
  • Our goal is to perform high-quality logistics services;
  • Our logistical and broker department can handle even the hardest load;
  • We offer fast and accurate shipping quotes;
  • You can track your freight 24/7.