Flatbed Trucking Services


Flatbed freight shipping is a primary category of heavy haul transportation. Flatbed hauling allows us to transport an enormous variety of cargo. Unlike full truckload and LTL, flatbed shipping offers smart solutions for the delivery of oversized freight. It is a perfect way to ship building materials, construction equipment, heavy machines, and many more. Here you can learn more about flatbed trucking.

If you have any oversized freight,p you will need a carrier that can provide a skillful driver and the truck that fits your cargo the most. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the cargo anymore. Delta Express can provide you with affordable and smart solutions for any oversized freight.


    Freight rates for flatbed transportation, like any other kind of shipping rate, are highly affected by two main factors: distance and freight itself. The distance directly affects transportation cost – the longer the distance, the higher are rates. Accessibility of points where the driver must pick up and drop the freight is also essential. Locations in metro cities are cheaper than any other (e.g., the countryside) points. To get a freight quote from Delta Express, use our site form. Provide all the necessary information about your load and destination. Our specialists will process it and provide you with an appropriate freight shipping quote.  


    Delta Express is a commercial trucking company that offers a wide range of freight shipping services. You don’t need to search for flatbed freight brokers. Our experienced flatbed fleet can handle any freight. Feel free to contact us with any questions anytime.

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