Furniture Shipping


Furniture shipping can be different: from small and lightweight to heavy and large items. Delta Express is a transportation company that provides a wide range of logistics services, including furniture shipping. Our fleet can handle any amount of freight, so you can be sure that we can solve any task you give us.

We provide our services with great care because we know that the furniture is a sensitive freight and it requires a lot of solicitude. Our team cares about your belongings and works hard to give you the cheapest way to move furniture.


    Furniture shipping costs are estimated the same way as regular freight. The exception can be sensitive and fragile items that require extra care. To get an accurate quote, you need to provide us with the right information about your commodities and their destination.

    You can use our site form to give all the required information. If your freight requires special care, be sure to notice it. After processing your data, you will get a free quote with approximate furniture shipping costs.


    Delta Express can’t be considered a furniture shipping company because we provide a wider spectrum of transportation services. Furnishings are one of the freight classes we work with. We can offer LTL or FTL options for furniture transportation, depending on its number and available time.

    You can count on our experience in logistics and our skillful carrier team. We will make sure that your commodities are transported with care.