Household Shipping Services


Household items moving is easy and affordable when you work with Delta Express. Our fleet allows you to transport any amount of freight of any type. In addition to a wide range of vehicles, we also offer professional packaging, straps, crates, and pallets for your commodities. We can take care of sensitive and fragile items with ease.

The team behind Delta Express is built with experienced owner-operators, drivers, dispatchers, and managers. We provide our services nationwide and also cross-border to Canada and Mexico. You can trust your freight to us.


    Household shipping costs will depend on the number of goods you need to haul and their destination. It is essential to specify it when you order service so we can pick the right vehicle and driver.

    To get a shipping quote from Delta Express, just use our site form and leave an application. Or you can directly contact us by phone. We are ready to help you out.


    Delta Express can be your household transportation company and offer you household transportation services 24/7. Our experience and skill will help you transport any cargo across the US. Call us today 704-869-2830 to schedule your transportation.