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Delta Express can become your trusted 3PL service provider whenever you need us. You can count on our expertise, experience, and our professional team.

3PL logistics nowadays is a good way to save money. It is a company that can provide a wide range of logistics solutions and releases you from excess troubles. All you need is to give your cargo to the carrier, and they will handle all aspects of shipping. The full third party logistics definition you can read on our info page.

The third party logistics industry is big. Not all companies are based only on transportation services. Types of functions that 3PL companies can offer:

  1. Transportation;
  2. Warehouse and distribution;
  3. Forwarding;
  4. Management of shipping process;
  5. Financial;
  6. Information.

Outsourcing logistics services for your business is always a big step. It means that your business is growing. But before considering working with a 3PL company, consider all the pros and cons of this partnership.


third party logistics advantages and disadvantages

When you are a business owner, it is crucial to deliver your goods to the customer. But not every business can afford an in-house logistical team. In this case, the benefits of 3PL outsourcing will help you to develop you to focus on your business.

Advantages of 3PL:

  1. Time-saving. You spend more time focusing on your business.
  2. Cheaper than establishing an in-house logistical department.
  3. Best delivery practices are implemented in the shipping process.
  4. 3PL can help to internationalize the products.
  5. Trackability of shipment.
  6. Ship your goods nationwide or around the world.
  7. Warehouse space.

Disadvantages of 3PL:

  1. Risk. You take a risk by trusting your cargo and money.
  2. Pricing model. You are locked into the pricing model, and some services could be cheaper with an in-house logistics team.
  3. Communication problems. Sometimes lack of communication between parties can lead to delivery failure.

delta express is your best 3pl provider

Delta Express, as a 3PL company, provides outsourced logistics services for any business. We have our own 3PL distribution center and 3PL software so we can offer fulfillment services for any logistical task. Also, we can handle:

  • Supply chain management.
  • Reverse Logistics.
  • 3rd party warehouse management.
  • Any transportation services

Forward your supply chain and develop your business by working with Delta Express.


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