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Motorcycle might seem tricky at first sight. Getting a quote for transporting a bike can be easy if you work with Delta Express. We are here 24/7 to provide exceptional service.

Motorcycle transportation, as any other kind of transportation, requires preparation. Before contacting a shipping company and getting an instant motorcycle shipping quote, you must prepare your bike for the move.

To prepare your bike for motorcycle moving you must:

  1. Clean the bike. It will help to notice any current scratches and damage.
  2. Note damage. Document all damage on your motorcycle (take a photo if you can) to see if the bike was damaged while transported.
  3. Drain fluids. It depends on the carrier’s policy that you need to drain fuel and oil from the bike.
  4. Tires. Properly inflate the tires so they are not getting any damage. Also, with inflated tires, the bike is more comfortable to move.
  5. Take off any loose parts.

Motorcycle moving for business can have even more points. To accurately estimate shipping costs – provide the carrier with all necessary information about the cargo and distance


Motorcycle Shipping Rates: Factors That Affect Transportation Cost

Rate per mile is a complex value that includes several constituents. Motorcycle freight cost is affected by:

  • Model and make of the bike. Because different models can require different care
  • The weight of the vehicle
  • Location. Pick-up and delivery points can affect the shipping cost if it is not in the big city
  • Delivery speed. Rapid delivery will cost more.

When calculating shipping rates, the carrier needs accurate information about your cargo. If the data isn’t right – shipping quotes and shipping rates will be different.

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