intermodal transportation

Intermodal transportation is a combination of complex logistical processes that make freight shipping faster and effective. Our intermodal shipping will fully satisfy your transportation needs.

Intramodal transportation allows you to ship large volumes of freight by combining different types of transport. The most popular, safe, and cost-efficient type is a combination of road transport (trucks, vans) and railway transport (trains).

There are several benefits of intermodal transportation. It has the flexibility of routes, security, cost-efficiency, and it is more eco-friendly. Every customer who wants to save money on long-distance shipment should consider intermodal transportation as the most cost-efficient method.


intermodal shipping rates

Intermodal shipping is a cost-effective solution if you need to transport large amounts of freight over long distances. Shipping rates for this service build up not only on the freight class and destination but also on the type of the used transport. Different combinations of transport will cost differently.


intermodal shipping services

Delta Express, as a trucking company, offers various freight shipping services. Intermodal is one of our specializations, and we make sure that our customers receive safe and cost-efficient transportation.


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