Long Haul Freight Shipping

Long haul trucking or over the road (OTR) trucking is one of the largest sections of the transportation industry that moves freight across the United States. Delta Express offers comrehensive long haul transportation as well.

Long haul trucking or over the road trucking is an essential part of the trucking industry. It unites several types of transportation and gives each client smart nationwide logistics solutions. What’s included:

  1. LTL freight shipping
  2. Full truckload shipping
  3. Intermodal shipping
  4. Heavy haul shipping
  5. Transportation by rail, plane, ship, etc

long haul freight quote

The main factor that affects long-haul freight rates is mileage. To have the right shipping quote, you must provide the carrier with detailed information about pickup and delivery points. It is crucial because shipping to certain places can be more expensive than regular big cities. If you have full information about your freight and destination point – contact us 704-288-3119, and you’ll get your shipping quote asap.


long haul freight services

Delta Express is a trucking company that provides a wide range of freight shipping services across the U.S. Long-haul is one of our specializations. We can select a driver and a truck that will handle your cargo with ease. Why you should choose Delta Express:

  1. A wide range of shipping opportunities
  2. Track your shipment anytime
  3. We can ship any freight (weight, size, doesn’t matter)
  4. Great, competitive rates
  5. We are a team of professionals that can handle any logistics task.


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