heavy haul trucking

Heavy haul freight service from Delta Express will allow you to transport big loads of freight whereever you need them. Our heavy haul team is ready to assist.

Large and heavy freight requires specific handling and specialized equipment. Such type of cargo needs to be hauled by a professional carrier that has a wide range of trucks beside a flatbed.

Usually, oversized cargo includes:

  1. Heavy machinery
  2. Oversized equipment
  3. Wind turbines
  4. Storage tanks
  5. Cranes
  6. Boilers
  7. Oversized construction materials

Delta Express can handle any of these freights, and shipping heavy haul is one of our specializations.


heavy haul freight rates

For heavy haul, despite the mileage, dimensions are critical. According to the size of your cargo, a carrier must select the right vehicle for its transportation. If the cargo requires extra equipment and care – it will affect the costs as well.

Want to get your heavy haul quote right now? Contact 704-288-3119 and provide us with the information about your cargo pickup and destination points. Our specialists will provide you with an affordable and flexible solution as soon as possible.


heavy haul trucking services

Delta Express is a trucking company that can provide a wide range of heavy-haul transportations services. We are one of those carriers that can offer professional logistics solutions for any freight

Why choose Delta Express for your oversized load:

  1. We know everything about heavy haul freight
  2. We have a team of skillful drivers
  3. We can select the optimal trailer and truck for your freight
  4. Affordable rates
  5. Fast and safe delivery.

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