LTL Freight Shipping Service


Less than truckload shipping is the best option for small businesses because the total transportation cost is shared among all clients. You take up a needed portion of the truck space and only pay for your cargo volume and the length of travel. Here you can learn what\’s the difference between LTL and FTL shipping.   Despite the fact that LTL shipments usually make several stops to load/unload goods and it takes them more time to reach the destination, you will save money on delivery cost. As an experienced carrier, we will match your shipment with regular ones heading to the same destination and save your time. Delta Express can provide you with a top-notch LTL delivery service anytime.


FTL freight quote is estimated by how much space is taken by your parcel. To get a quote as quickly as possible, just measure the dimensions of it and provide the data to the carrier.

To get an LTL quote from Delta Express, use our site form or just call us 704-288-3119 directly. Our manager will consult you and provide an approximate shipping cost.


LTL shipping allows you to manage your freight in a logistically practical and cost-efficient way. It is the best way to ship a lot of small shipments at once. Thus, you get your goods out for delivery, save precious money, and get many benefits that positively affect your business.