dedicated trucking

Delta Express offers a dedicated trucking service where we will become your trusted logistics partner and take care about all transportation issues. Any logistics task is possible with our help.

Dedicated trucking runs mean that the carrier provides any equipment and solutions for customers’ needs. The truck and the driver are tied only to your company. They work exclusively with you and don’t pick up any other loads. This service is very beneficial for many business owners because you can set your schedule, route, and conditions. Other benefits of dedicated shipping:

  • You cave a carried that dedicated only to your needs
  • On-time service
  • You plan the delivery process
  • Attractive dedicated freight shipping rates
  • Equipment meets your needs
  • Safe and flexible delivery

Delta Express offers dedicated services nationwide. You can have regional dedicated or local dedicated solutions or dedicated runs across the U.S.


dedicated trucking services

Delta Express is one of the biggest dedicated freight carriers that can provide its services nationwide. We can offer dedicated transport solutions that fit your needs and business. If you need a trusted trucking company to solve your logistics issues – you’ll love working with us.


Why you should choose Delta Express:


Fast and accurate freight quotes at any time


A wide range of shipping opportunities


Track your shipment anytime


We can ship any freight (weight, size, doesn’t matter)


Great, competitive rates


We are a team of professionals that can handle any logistics task.


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