Refrigerated Freight Shipping

You should only trust refrigerated shipping to professionals. Our experienced reefer team can deliver temperature-sensitive freight through our the states with ease.

Refrigerated transportation is a vital part of many industries. Reefer trailers are helping to move perishable foods and temperature-sensitive cargo. A temperature-controlled environment can keep fresh food and goods frozen or chilled. It increases the variety of moved freight.

In refrigerated shipping, carriers can offer different solutions for the customers. LTL refrigerated freight or full truckload is a common type of transportation. They’re both good for small businesses and industries. Refrigerated freight class is also a thing because different types of cargo require different care and temperature.


Refrigerated Freight Rates

Refrigerated shipping is complex. It requires much skill from a driver and a new trailer. New reefer trailers can provide a multi-temperature environment that can keep half of the goods frozen and others just chilled. The model of trailer and shipping type highly affect refrigerated shipping rates.

As with any other trucking rates, reefer rates are also affected by distance and time. The Longer distance – higher rates. Time sensitivity also plays a significant role, especially for refrigerated freight.


Refrigerated Shipping Services

Delta Express, as a commercial trucking company, provides a wide range of freight shipping services. We’re not entirely refrigerated freight carriers, but we have specialized equipment and skillful drivers to offer that kind of logistics service. Our customers can get affordable rates and flexible logistics solutions for any freight.

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