flatbed freight rates

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Freight rates definition for every type of transportation is always the same. It is a price that you pay for the delivery of your goods. Flatbed transportation rates, like any other rate, depend on several primal factors.

  1. The cargo itself.Freight class is one of the main things that affect flatbed hauling rates.
  2. The distance. The length of the route directly adds numbers to the rates. Also, the points of pickup and delivery can highly affect the rates.
  3. Fuel cost. Flatbed trucking service usually goes on long distances, and fuel cost can change trucking rates per mile.

Freight costs for flatbed shipping also can be affected by accessorial fees. It is because of the variety of freight that flatbed can handle. If the cargo requires any equipment for handling – the rates will be higher.

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flatbed rate calculator

The free online calculator on our site will help you to get that shipping quote and plan your spendings. The calculator also includes a density calculator that can estimate the capacity of the cargo. It will help you to choose the needed transportation service.


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