transit times map

Do you want to know how much time will it take to deliver your load to a desirable destination? We’ve provided some information and a transit time map for your convenience.


We want to simplify your shipping experience and make it easier for you to pick the right service. Our truckload transit time map will help you estimate the approximate time needed and plan everything more efficiently.

Delta Express works across the US and makes cross-border hauls to Canada and Mexico. A transit time map can show you not only possible destinations but also how much time it will take to perform the delivery.


Truckload Transit Time Chart

Each type of transportation may have a different transit time. Plus, you can add delays caused by weather, road conditions, HoS, or else. If to discard all that, regular transit time can be estimated from this chart.

  1. 0 to 399 miles = same or next day service
  2. 400 to 600 miles = next day service
  3. 601 to 1200 miles = 2-day service
  4. 1201 to 1800 miles = 3-day service
  5. 1801 to 2400 miles = 4-day service
  6. 2401 to 3000 miles = 5-day service
  7. 3001 to 3300 miles = 5-6 day service.

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