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Car hauling might seem tricky at first sight. Getting a quote for transporting a vehicle can be easy if you work with Delta Express. We are here 24/7 to provide exceptional service.

Car moving is a complicated process that requires a lot of preparation. First of all, you need to choose the right shipping company that satisfies your needs. The carrier can provide a shipping quote for you to plan your spending. If you’re a business owner, an opportunity to accurately estimate shipping wholly will be pleasing.

The second thing to do is to prepare your car for transportation. If the vehicle isn’t properly prepared, you will be charged extra fees. Also, the carrier is not responsible for the stuff inside your car, so you should remove all the things from the car’s interior.

To get an accurate shipping quote, besides car preparation, you must consider a few factors that will affect the final price.


Car Shipping Rates: What to Consider When Shipping a Car

Shipping rates aren’t a constant value. There are always some factors that will change the final cost. The average cost to ship a car per mile is still affected by the distance. It is the main thing to consider. However, to get an exact quote – pay attention to these factors:

  • Model and a year of the vehicle. Different types of cars can require different conditions for transportation.
  • Carrier truck type. Open or enclosed trailer. Enclosed can increase the final cost up to 35%, but it provides excellent protection to the car.
  • Car serviceability. If the vehicle is running – the price will be much lower. If it is not but can be towed or rolled – you’ll need to add extra money for equipment. An utterly inoperable car is hard to move, and the rate per mile will contain large numbers.
  • Time of the year. Seasonality can affect the shipping cost, especially when you move the car during the snowbird seasons.

When considering all critical factors, you can easily calculate freight shipping costs. Just use an online calculator or contact the chosen carrier.

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