How Much Does it Cost to Move a 2000 sq ft House?

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How Much Does it Cost to Move a 2000 sq ft House?


The transportation industry offers a plethora of ways you can move to another place. With modern technology, you can move the house itself by using an oversized freight option. It is a complex and expensive process. But many people use it for personal reasons.

The house moving process has four parts:

  • Preparing the area for the home
  • Preparing the house for shipping
  • Moving the house
  • Placing the house in the new site

Not to mention that you need to get a permit for house moving and contact cable, electric, and telephone companies, so they clear the road for you.

On average, the total cost to move a house is between $15000 to $200000. That includes all permits, fees, and the move itself. The price will depend on the size of your building, the distance between origin and a new place, and the number of people involved (human labor). The labor cost for house moving starts at $14 per square foot.

It is for you to decide if you need to move the whole house. Our recommendation is to be prepared for high expenses and possible complications along the way, as house moving is not simple.


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