How Much Does it Cost to Move a Couch?

Understanding the basis of shipping pricing will help you plan your move more efficiently. In our new post, we talk about how much it costs to move a couch. Find more helpful pieces in our blog.


How Much Does it Cost to Move a Couch?


Whether you are buying a new couch or trying to transport yours, you need to know how much it costs. On average, the shipping cost of a sofa is somewhere between $200 and $600. There is no fixed price, as each transportation process is priced differently. If you want to understand why a carrier sets a certain price, you need to learn which factors affect the transportation rates.

  • Weight. Heavy items are more expensive to transport. Also, it requires extra labor if you order a moving service.
  • Distance. The shipping price is higher with more miles between pickup and delivery points.
  • Couch dimensions. The same as with the weight. Large items are more expensive to transport because they take more cargo space and are harder to handle.
  • Value. Antique and luxurious sofas require extra attention and care. If you need to transport such an item then you should be ready to pay more.
  • Delivery period. Some transportation services offer faster delivery but cost a little more. If you are not in a rush, there is no need to pay extra.

In some cases, it’s cheaper and more efficient just to buy a new couch without wasting time on delivery. However, if we talk about family heritage, antique, or luxury sofas, then it is better to get transportation service from a trusted carrier company.

Delta Express offers comprehensive shipping services for businesses and individuals. We can take care of your couch and provide cost-efficient and fast delivery. If you want to know the approximate transportation cost – feel free to use our online freight quote calculator.


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