How Much Does it Cost to Ship 600 lbs

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship 600 lbs


When carriers and logistics companies come up with pricing, weight is only one of the considered factors. It is important to include all factors that can affect the shipping costs both for you and the carrier. You can’t just base the price on one parameter because a business doesn’t work that way.

How much does it cost to ship 600 lbs? 600 lbs of what? What size? How many items are included? What freight class? When booking freight transportation on the load board or directly from the carrier, you need to mention at least the dimensions and type of your freight besides its weight. Here are other parameters that affect the shipping cost:

  • The fragility of the items. Fragile or sensitive freight is more expensive to transport.
  • Carrier and shipping service. Each carrier has its own pricing policies, and different shipping services are priced differently.
  • Origin and destination points. Almost all carriers will charge you more if they need to work in rural or hard-to-reach areas. Also, add the distance between them, as it is also one of the main things that affect the rates.
  • Freight class. Shipping a 600 lbs engine is not the same as shipping 600 lbs of wooden boards. Each freight class has its own specification and is priced differently.

Cheapest Way to Ship 600 lbs

There are cheap ways to transport heavy items, but you can’t count on their quality. It is better to explore ways where you can save a buck. You can minimize your transportation expenses by following these tips.

  • Get shipping quotes from several carriers
  • Don’t go for same or next day delivery
  • Pack your stuff by yourself if possible
  • Provide an accessible location to pick up or deliver your freight
  • Ship off-season

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