How Much Does it Cost to Ship 70 lbs

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship 70 lbs


How Much Does it Cost to Ship a 70 lb Package

A final transportation cost is usually subject to change due to many factors. Carriers may come up with a price range for a certain type of shipping, but it\’s almost never a fixed price. If you want to understand pricing better, you need to consider different aspects. Some of them are especially important, even if you ship a 70 lb package.

  • Origin and destination of the package. If the carrier has to work in hard-to-reach areas, they will charge more. You can minimize your spendings by delivering the package to the carrier\’s hub or providing a better working area.
  • Package weight and dimensions. These factors allow the shipper to calculate the density of the package.
  • Chosen shipping service. Each shipping service has its own pricing.
  • What’s inside. Different freight types have different pricing. Shipping a box of fine china is more expensive than a box of school supplies.

Cheapest Way to Ship 70 lb Box

Businesses always look for an efficient way to transport their goods. The transportation industry offers a plethora of shipping options that allow the delivery of a 70 lb box to any point in the US. For example, you can use regular courier services like UPS or FedEx. If for some reason you choose to avoid those big shipping companies, you can always hire a smaller carrier that offers LTL or consolidated freight shipping options.

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