How Much does it Cost to Ship an Engine

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How Much does it Cost to Ship an Engine


How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car Engine

Engine shipping is an easy process if done right. Whether you transport it on local routes or plan coast-to-coast shipping. How much does it cost to ship an engine? Depending on several factors, motor shipping rates can vary.

On average, dock-to-dock engine shipping that weighs 1000 lbs from California to Iowa costs $350. To ship a smaller car engine may cost from $120 to $380. Carriers and load boards require you to provide your engine’s dimensions and weight, along with pick up and delivery point. These are several factors that affect engine shipping rates. Here’s the list of what will help you calculate the rates for your shipment.

  • Crate or pallet. Each motor shipping method has its own classification and rate table. For example, crated shipping is classified 70, while the pallet is class 85.
  • Dimensions and weight. It will also affect the rates as the freight class is determined by these aspects.
  • Distance. More miles for the carrier mean higher rates for you.
  • Pick up and delivery points. When the carrier is required to work not in a major city area, they charge higher pay. If the area is hard-to-reach, you will be charged even more. So, bringing your shipment to the carrier or providing better locations can save you a buck.
  • Season. If possible, try shipping off-season when the roads have less traffic. Because shipping in summer or during winter holidays will cost you extra.
  • Additional costs. These costs can include fuel, state fees (in case of interstate shipping), and handling charges.

Shipping costs are also affected by your decisions and choices. Whether you choose a crate or pallet, whether you prepare it for transportation or not, and other factors. If you learn about shipping pricing, you can easily minimize spendings.


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