How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Boat by Road?

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Boat by Road?


How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Boat?

Boat transportation is not ordinary shipping. However, most factors that determine the costs are similar to others. How much does it cost to ship a boat? If you want to understand pricing better – we recommend learning about these factors and planning your transportation accordingly.

  • Size of the boat. This is the most important factor, as it directly affects the rates. The bigger the boat – the higher the rates.
  • Distance. The second important factor is the mileage that the carrier has to cover. You can expect low rates on local routes, but be ready to pay if you plan interstate or coast-to-coast delivery.
  • Origin and destination points. Carrier will charge extra if pick up or destination will be in a hard-to-reach area.
  • Readiness of the boat to sail. A fully assembled boat might not pass state requirements for height and beam limits. So sometimes you need to remove parts from your boat, so it is easy to transport. And that will cost you a buck.
  • Chosen service. Depending on the transportation type you’ve chosen, you can expect different pricing.
  • Insurance. You might ask your provider for additional insurance as not all carrier companies provide a sufficient plan for long-distance hauls.

Also, be aware of the bad weather and holiday seasons. They affect the transportation industry as a whole and can increase shipping costs.

How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Boat Per Mile?

Most of the time, approximate boat transportation rates per mile are based on the size. Thus, you can see such rates per mile:

  • $2.75 – $3,75 if the boat is longer than 12 feet
  • $2.50 – $3.50 if the boat is 12 feet long
  • $2.25 – $3.25 if the boat is 11 feet long
  • $2 – $3 if the boat is 10 feet long
  • $1.75 – $2.75 if the boat is 9 feet long
  • $1.50 – $2.50 for everything that is smaller than 9 feet

Remember about the factors that affect the pricing, and don’t expect rates to be fully based on the size only. 


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