How Much to Ship a Pallet of Freight

Palletized freight is pretty common. If you are planning to ship on a pallet, you need to know how much it costs. We will talk about it in this post. Explore this topic with us. 


How Much to Ship a Pallet of Freight


How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Pallet of Freight

Pallets provide a stable and organized space to pack items for transportation. They are used for several reasons:

  • Pallets allow to properly secure and arrange the shipment
  • A pallet is easy to handle with special equipment
  • Make pricing much easier
  • It is easy to stack freight on the pallets, and it allows carriers to maximize their capacity

Pricing for pallet shipping usually begins with a “standard” 48x40x48 pallet that weighs less than 1650 lbs. Each carrier sets their own price. If your shipment exceeds any of these standards, the shipping cost will be increased accordingly. In addition to that, the rates can change due to the following factors:

  • Distance between the origin and destination
  • Accessibility of the locations
  • Required transportation service
  • Time of the year

Whether you are a business or just shipping your personal belongings, pallet pricing gives lots of advantages and saves you money.

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