Is It Cheaper to Ship a Car By Train or Truck

Car shipping can be performed by any transport, however, the ground method is the most popular. In our new post, we look at when it is cheaper to ship by truck or train. Subscribe to our blog for more info.


Is It Cheaper to Ship a Car By Train or Truck

is-it-cheaper to-ship-a-car-by-train-or-truck

Depending on your needs, both train and truck shipping can be a more cost-efficient solution. Before deciding which transportation method to choose, you need to look at the pros and cons  of both. Then you pick the one that fits your case.

In this post, we will try to showcase all the pros and cons of train shipping and truck shipping. Thus, you can have an opportunity to understand your needs better.

Advantages of shipping can by train:

  • It is cheaper in terms of long-distance shipping
  • Some carriers allow you to leave personal belongings inside the car
  • It is safer as there is less risk on the rails
  • You can travel on the same train

Disadvantages of shipping by train:

  • Limited area of delivery and no door-to-door service
  • Takes more time to deliver
  • You must plan your shipping according to the carrier’s possibilities as trains have their own schedule

Advantages of shipping by truck:

  • Cheaper on short distances
  • Faster delivery
  • You can plan shipping according to your needs
  • Available door-to-door service

Disadvantages of shipping by truck:

  • Costs more for long-distance 
  • A lower level of security without an enclosed trailer
  • You must clean out the car from your belongings

Considering the information above, you can choose the transportation method that satisfies your needs. If you need to ship your car to the other side of the country – train shipping will be more economical. If you need fast delivery right to your place – shipping by truck will be your best option.


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