Are LCL and LTL the Same

LCL and LTL freight share some aspects but are connected to different transportation types. If you want to learn more about it, feel free to check out our blog post.


Are LCL and LTL the Same


LCL and LTL are pretty much the same transportation methods. The main difference between them is that LTL works exclusively with trucks while LCL can be used by rail, sea, and air transport. Depending on where and how fast you want your freight to be delivered, you need to choose the service.

LTL Meaning

Less than truckload or LTL is a shipping service that allows different consignors to share the space of one truck/trailer and deliver small shipments. You only pay for the space that your freight occupies. LTL freight mostly doesn’t exceed 10,000 pounds.

It is a good ground transportation method if you are not limited by time and the freight doesn’t require special care.

LCL Meaning

Less than container load or LCL works in the same way as LTL. LCL is used in intermodal shipping that combines different transportation types. Mostly it is truck/rail and ocean freight. Freight containers that are used in this shipping service have a standard size of 48 ft. They are easily handled and provide a high level of security.

What Is the Difference Between LCL and LTL

As we mentioned before, the main difference between them is that LCL is used for long-distance, mostly international, shipping. 

LTL is only used by trucking companies on local and interstate routes. Also, LTL can be performed by small vehicles like vans and box trucks, while LCL has fixed-sized containers.


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