Open vs Enclosed Car Shipping

There are two ways of shipping your vehicle when it comes to car transportation services. In this post, we uncover which one is better in your case. Subscribe to our blog to learn more.


Open vs Enclosed Car Shipping


Car Transportation Open vs Enclosed

When you plan to transport a vehicle, you don’t have lots of options. You can transport it yourself or hire a carrier. Driving it yourself can seem reasonable, but it takes a lot of time and resources that can be spent more effectively. Carrier companies offer two options – open or enclosed trailer. Which one is better for you? Depends on your budget and needs. 

Let’s look closer at both options to consider the pros and cons of each side. It will help you to decide which way to go when you require car shipping.

What is an Open Carrier

Car transportation in an open trailer is the most common option. It is affordable and easy to book as there are lots of options on the market. In addition, when you book the service faster, it allows you to plan delivery time more thoroughly.

The negative side of this is that open transportation means your vehicle may be affected by weather and road debris. For these reasons, you should plan your shipping according to weather conditions. However, you can easily add some extra protection by requesting a top load on the open trailer.

What is an Enclosed Car Carrier

The enclosed trailer provides maximum protection against weather and road debris. However, it can only carry two or three cars. Many carriers who offer enclosed trailers also offer white-glove service, which means the service will be top tier.

The cons of this method are that it can transport fewer cars. You might end up spending more time looking for an available carrier who can take your vehicle. Also, it is more expensive.

Is it Better to Ship Car Open or Enclosed?

The decision is up to you. If your car is luxurious, rare, antique, or just really dear to you, then shipping in a closed trailer is your option, regardless of the season. In all other cases – an open trailer is the best option. It is affordable, fast, and easy to book.

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