What are the 7 Rs of Logistics?

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What are the 7 Rs of Logistics?


Logistics is an important aspect of any manufacturing business. A properly adjusted logistics system drastically improves client satisfaction and minimizes production/delivery time.

There are 7 “rights” for better logistics management. They not only control the flow of goods but they allow more effective management and planning to meet the customers’ needs. Let’s look at them closely.

  • Right product. Before creating a product, the business needs to evaluate potential issues that can occur during manufacturing and transportation. The properly designed product simplifies logistics by standardizing measurements. Thus, transportation, packaging, and warehousing will be much easier.
  • Right customer. Finding the right customer is about spreading awareness of the product or service. Simple marketing research will determine the target audience, thus giving you more leads and the area to operate in.
  • Right price. Setting the right price for the product is vital to see whether you have profits or losses. The executive manager along with the accounting and marketing departments should research the market and trends to set a competitive price. Establishing a system that will track, store, and update prices will ensure successful logistics management.
  • Right quantity. Sending not enough or too much product will negatively impact your business. The supply chain manager needs to find the right quantity of goods to be manufactured and delivered to customers.
  • Right condition. Clients don’t want to receive damaged goods. Storing processes need to be safe, and the products need to be delivered in the right condition.
  • Right time. The right time is the main component. Products should be on the shelves on time when there is a demand. Missed demand is missed opportunities and money. Same thing with delivery time. When you delay the delivery, customers will look for other businesses that can do it right.
  • Right place. Demand for the product can rely on the location. Developing a good delivery system with tracking allows customers and suppliers to track where the deliverables are at the moment. Right placing for your warehouses and shipping hubs are also important.

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