What are the Types of Freight

What is freight type, and how many are there? In our new blog post, we talk about the most popular types of freight. Check it out!


What are the Types of Freight


The freight trucking industry is a vital part of human existence. It is complex yet easy to understand and implement. It has various types of transportation services that depend on freight type.

There are various ways to transport cargo. Choosing the right freight type is a crucial decision, especially if you are a business owner. Right freight type will allow you to have the needed transportation service and save lots of money and time.


It is the fastest way to move freight and the best choice for supply chain lines. Expedited freight implies prioritized delivery between same-day delivery and one to five days delivery. Transit goes without stops, so expedited is a great freight type for time-sensitive loads and product delivery.


At this time, LTL is the most popular freight type. It allows transporting small loads without overpaying. With LTL, you can transport loads from 100 to 15,000 pounds by sharing truck/trailer space with other shippers. You do not have to pay for the whole truck and only pay for the taken space.


FTL freight offers you all the available space in the truck or trailer. This service allows you to transport loads from 5,000 to 45,000 pounds. FTL is good for voluminous cargo, special care loads (reefer), and if you don’t feel like sharing space with other shippers. 

Air Freight

Air freight offers the fastest solutions for transportation. It can be more cost-efficient than LTL if your package is more than 100 pounds with tight packaging. Also, due to high speed, air freight is a great option for urgent and time-sensitive loads.

Ocean/Sea Freight

If you are planning to ship around the globe, ocean freight is the most affordable option. It offers different types of transportation (similar to ground types): full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL). Also, you can choose different transit times that fit you the most. 


Intermodal freight is a combination of rail, road, sea, and air freights. Commonly, it is a combo of rail and road transportation with the use of ISO containers. When you use containers for intermodal, it simplifies the delivery process and minimizes the handling.


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