What Does Expedited Shipping Mean

Expedited shipping is a demanded type of shipping. In our blog post, we talk about its meaning and how it is different from regular shipping. Subscribe to our blog to get fresh updates.


What Does Expedited Shipping Mean


What is Expedited Shipping: Main Specifications

Expedited shipping means prioritized delivery. Your load, regardless of the freight class, is being prioritized over others. Most trucking companies that provide this service give two drivers that work in shifts, so the truck doesn’t make unnecessary stops. It means that the truck goes from pick-up point straight to destination.

Is expedited shipping worth the cost? Absolutely, if you really need that rapid delivery. If you don’t – choose regular delivery and pay less. Expedited shipping is convenient for:

  • Urgent transportation 
  • Businesses that rely on fast delivery of products and materials
  • International delivery
  • Medical supply delivery

How Many Days is Expedited Shipping

Expedited delivery doesn’t always mean same-day delivery. It only ensures that your load will be delivered faster than others. Delivery times mostly depend on the logistics possibilities of a chosen carrier and the destination of the delivery. Thus, expedited can be:

  • Same-day and next-day delivery for domestic shipments within the local/intrastate routes
  • Two-three day delivery for other shipments that would usually take three to five days to ship

Also, you should consider working with the carrier that provides 24/7 tech support and allows you to track your shipment.

What is the Difference Between Standard and Expedited Shipping

Standard shipping is the cheapest delivery option that can usually take three to seven days to deliver. Again, it all depends on the possibilities of the carrier and the destination. Businesses offer expedited shipping as an alternative to standard to attract more customers. It allows them to receive their goods faster, however, for a higher price.

Expedited also implies that the carrier will exclusively work with your cargo by prioritizing its delivery. That means less handling and minimal risk of damage.


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