What Does Last Mile Carrier Mean

Who is a last-mile carrier? In our blog post, we try to find a quick answer to that question. Feel free to explore it.


What Does Last Mile Carrier Mean


What Does Final Mile Carrier Mean

The last mile carrier is an individual or business that provides last mile logistics services to you. When you work with such a carrier, you should choose wisely as they represent your business; because the poor delivery experience will stain your reputation.

There are three ways of working with last mile carriers, and you should choose the one that fits your business model the most.

  • Single carrier. This option is suitable for local and small businesses that don’t cover large areas. If your carrier can’t keep up with the loads you offer, you should consider changing to another method.
  • 3PL company. Working with a 3PL company allows you to maneuver between multiple carriers without the need to handle all the logistics. You can still work with a single trucking company, but when you require delivery out of your region, 3PL will find someone to handle this task.
  • Multiple carriers. If you directly work with several shipping companies, you don’t need to depend on a single carrier or 3PL. However, you’ll require a third-party delivery platform to manage all last mile deliveries.

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