What Does Reefer Mean in Trucking

In this blog post, we look closer at the definition of a reefer truck. If you are interested in learning more about reefers and their role in logistics, feel free to check out our post.


What Does Reefer Mean in Trucking


What is a Reefer Truck: Delivering Cold

Reefer or refrigerated units were designed to deliver perishable, and temperature-sensitive freights on long distances. It can be a standard semi-truck with a reefer trailer or a single-frame vehicle with a refrigerated cargo area.

Reefers have two body types: hardside and curtainsider. Hardside has natural insulation, while curtainsider has insulated curtains and can be loaded from both sides.

The refrigeration unit is located at the front of the trailer or above the cab. Cooling system components include:

  • Compressor. It draws refrigerant and compresses it to a liquid state. Then the liquid refrigerant goes to the condenser.
  • Condenser. It provides liquid flow to the walls and fins. Fins have more surface area to cool down the air that comes through the fan. It works similar to a regular car radiator.
  • Evaporator. It is located inside the trailer. Cooled liquid goes to the evaporator through a metering valve. Refrigerant expands inside it, becomes gas again, and absorbs heat from the finned coils. Then, air from the trailer blows over the evaporator.

Why Use Refrigerated Trucks

Reefers provide endless possibilities for freight shipping. Also, they are vital for many industries that require regular supplies. It allows not only transport of regular perishable products like food and also vital things like pharmaceuticals on long distances.

Also, reefer trucking provides wide opportunities for truck drivers and owner-operators. A qualified trucker with a refrigerator vehicle can earn good money and can keep up their own business.


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