What is a Freight: Definition and Explanation

What is freight, and how it helps you to get whatever you need from any place on the planet? Our short blog post defines freight – go check it out!


What is a Freight: Definition and Explanation


What Freight Means: Basic Defenition of What is Cargo

Freight is any type of transportable commodity that is transported for commercial purposes. Transport used for freight hauling can vary, depending on the destination: road, rail, air, ocean.

Before planning freight shipping, it is important to consider the main factors:

  • Freight class. It includes freight proportions (height, width, length), weight, and nature of goods (hazmat, liquid, temperature-sensitive, high value, etc.)
  • Destination point. Whether you ship inside your country or internationally.
  • Packaging. The quality of the packaging directly affects safety along the route and shipping price.
  • Quantity of the goods.

What is General Freight: Big Part of the Trucking Industry

General freight is a type of freight that is being transported on pallets or in containers and trailers. Liquids, gas, milk, patrol nor sand, gravel, and other bulk materials are not considered general freight. Anything heavier than 100 pounds should be transported on a pallet by a general cargo carrier.

General freight trucking companies work with commercial loads and provide pickup, sorting, line-haul, and local delivery services. 


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