What is Considered Long Haul Trucking

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What is Considered Long Haul Trucking


What is Long Haul Freight Transportation

Long haul trucking or over the road (OTR) trucking is a transportation service that implies long (over 250 miles) routes. This shipping method is used for interstate or cross-country delivery. Drivers are required to spend several days, or even weeks, on the road.

Long haul freight transportation is mostly performed by drivers with CDL Class A license. Also, the truck must be equipped for a long drive and have a place where the driver can rest. In addition, it can have a small fridge, TV, or drawers for clothing.

What makes the long haul attractive for the drivers? Mostly income and the opportunity to drive across the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, annual pay for OTR truckers in 2019 was $45,260 per year. However, a good income shouldn’t attract you as there are lots of health risks due to a sitting lifestyle. So if you are planning to become a long-haul driver, you should consider many things forward.


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