What is Cross Border Shipping

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What is Cross Border Shipping


What is Cross Border Shipping: Transportation to Neighbor Countries

Cross border shipping is a transportation service that allows the delivery of goods to other countries, usually neighboring countries. For businesses, this decision can be an alternative to establishing a warehouse in the destination country.

Freight type and required transportation method can be whatever. In any case, you’ll need to gather specific documentation for your commodities and required by a country you ship to. The list of documentation can vary, but the standard is:

  • Bill of Lading
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Export License
  • Cargo Control Number

In addition to the required documentation, you’ll need to pay fees and taxes. If you are a business that ships goods for clients, you have two options:

  • Delivery Duty Paid. It means that you pay all the fees for the international shipping.
  • Delivery Duty Unpaid. All the taxes for shipping are paid by the customer. You should inform them about it beforehand.

Shipping From to Canada

Active trade between Canada and the US made cross border shipping a demanded service. Transportation between these countries is pretty simple; however, each one of them still has prohibited and restricted items that you can not ship. So, before organizing your freight, be sure to learn what items you can and can not send.

Shipping From to Mexico

When shipping cross-border to Mexico, you also should consider preparing documentation and learning about restrictions for freight. In addition, you should notice that transit times inside Mexico can be increased due to poor road infrastructure. So if you are planning to ship from or to Mexico, consider a longer time for the delivery.


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