What Does Dedicated Mean in Trucking

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What Does Dedicated Mean in Trucking


What is Dedicated Trucking

Dedicated trucking is a type of commercial freight delivery when the trucker or fleet of trucks works exclusively for one customer or operates in one strict region. Dedicated runs are mostly performed on local and intrastate routes. However, there are cases when dedicated runs can be considered OTD due to big mileage.

Truckers prefer dedicated trucking due to the benefits that this position provides:

  • Home time. This is the most significant benefit as dedicated drivers can be home multiple times per week. Sometimes, every day, if the route is local.
  • Relationship with customers. Dedicated runs imply that you work with only one customer, so you build better relationships with them. The more time you spend with them, the more they will associate you as the company representative. So, partly, your company relies on your performance with the clientele.
  • Familiar route. When you get familiar with the route, you can find ways to run it faster, avoiding traffic. 

What is a Dedicated Lane in Trucking

A dedicated lane is a route provided to a single customer by a carrier company. For example – regular product delivery to grocery stores from the same provider. Dedicated lanes can cover any distance, but they are mostly local. Also, the lane can have a driver or a group of drivers that work specifically on this lane.

Choosing dedicated runs is up to you as a trucker. It all depends on your preferences and the type of truck you enjoy operating. If you want to settle down, take small runs, and spend more time at home – then dedicated routes might be your best choice. If you seek long journeys across the country, it is better to pick long-haul trucking.


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