What is Refrigerated Shipping

Refrigerated shipping is now on demand. We have prepared a post where we talk about specifications and the definition of reefer shipping. Feel free to subscribe to our blog.


What is Refrigerated Shipping


Refrigerated shipping is a process of product transportation that requires temperature control. It may be beverages, perishable goods, medication and pharmaceuticals, and even fine art.

To perform such a service, carriers use refrigerated trailers that are hauled by semi-trucks or a variety of reefer vans. Depending on your needs, as a shipper, you may choose the vehicle that fits your freight capacity, and you don’t have to overpay.

Benefits of refrigerated transportation:

  • Allows businesses to always have their products fresh or frozen
  • Gives truckers a new place in the trucking industry along with good income
  • Reefer trailers and containers are reliable and can protect your goods from weather
  • Reefer trucks are vital for many industries, so there’s always a demand for this service
  • Experienced reefer truckers can expect high salary (up to $91000 annually)

In terms of delivery times, refrigerator shipping operates in the same time frame as any other shipping service unless it is an expedited service. It all depends on the required mileage and possibilities of the carrier.


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