What Is Straight Truck: Main Vehicle Characteristics

Ever wonder what a straight truck is? In our blog post, we look deeper into its definition and specifications. If you are interested in knowing more about straight trucks, feel free to explore our post.


What Is Straight Truck: Main Vehicle Characteristics


What Is Considered a Straight Truck: Main Specifications

Basically, a straight truck is a vehicle with an undetachable back or box. The truck has a single frame with attached axles. Firstly, such vehicles were designed to move furniture and home appliances. Nowadays, it can be modified for different purposes, including regular freight, building materials, pharmacy, and temperature-sensitive products.

There are several types of straight trucks, and their dimensions may differ. They are bigger than vans and smaller than regular semi-trucks. Some straight truck models and complectations allow the driver to operate without a CDL.

What Is a Straight Truck for DOT: Does it Require a CDL to Drive

You are obliged to register for a USDOT Number if your vehicle is:

  • Having a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,001 pounds or more
  • Designed to transport more than 8 passengers, including the driver, for compensation
  • Designed to transport more than 15 passengers, including the driver, without the compensation
  • Used for transporting hazardous materials that are found by the Secretary of Transportation and require placarding
  • Used for commercial shipping inside and between states

As for the CDL, it is a bit simpler. If your vehicle has a GVWR of fewer than 26,001 pounds, you are not required to have a CDL. If the truck is heavier than that, then you need to get a class B CDL to freely operate the vehicle.

Types of Straight Trucks

As we mentioned before, straight trucks can vary, depending on their build, size, and capacity. The most common straight truck types are:

  • Cube truck
  • Cube van
  • Box truck
  • Dump truck (rarely called)

Some heavy-duty pickups can also be considered a straight truck. However, they need to have a fixed and enclosed cargo area.

Straight Truck Dimensions

Most straight trucks fall between Class III and Class VI and have a GVWR rating between 10,000 and 26,000 pounds. Although, you can find straight trucks that can exceed those parameters.

Most straight trucks are measured between 10 and 26 feet long and 8 to 10 feet tall.

What Is the Difference Between a Box Truck and a Straight Truck

Technically, they are the same thing because they both have similar construction and a single frame. Box and straight trucks are mostly used for local or interstate hauls to move furniture or help small businesses.

The differences might be in cargo area design or a cargo door that can be a standard roll-up, hydraulic lift, or pull-out ramp.


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