What is the Average Flatbed Rate

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What is the Average Flatbed Rate


Flatbed transportation is a commonly used service. It is also popular among truck drivers, as it brings good income. Flatbed is used to transport heavy machinery, building materials, and oversized freight that wouldn’t fit into a dry van.

There are plenty of things that affect rates. Some of them depend on the shipper, others are determined by market and fuel prices. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

  • Freight specifications such as weight, dimensions, and class. It will help the carrier choose the right trailer (flatbed, removable gooseneck, step deck, double deck) as each of them has its own rate.
  • Additional services. Be sure that your freight is easy to handle and it doesn’t require extra tools. Also, you can be charged for chains, straps, corner protectors, etc.
  • Market. If the prices rise on the market that depends on flatbed transportation, rates will go up and vice versa.
  • Weather. When some regions have suffered from hurricanes or other weather atrocities, the demand for flatbed transportation in that region will rise along with the rates. Also, heavy rains or snow storms mean that most loads must be covered, so carriers try to work hand in hand with weather forecasts. Most of the time, they choose to avoid shipping in bad weather.
  • Timing. Early morning pickups are priced higher. Also, a strict delivery schedule might turn carriers away from you. First-come-first-serve will be much more welcomed.

Flatbed Trucking Rates Per Mile 2021

As for now, flatbed rates can vary from $2,77 to $3,30 per mile, according to DAT Trendlines. But they can change due to these three factors:

  • The current situation on the market
  • Brokerage
  • Competition between the companies

The market is changing every hour. Seeing rates fluctuating up and down might be confusing. But if you learn to understand all the factors that determine the final cost, you can plan your spendings more efficiently.


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