What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Freight: Cost-Efficient Solutions for Business

Any business and individual is interested in saving some money on freight shipping. We talk about factors that can affect transportation costs in our blog post. Check it out!


What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Freight: Cost-Efficient Solutions for Business


Cheapest Freight Shipping for Business: Build Your Shipping Strategy

Gaining maximum cost-efficiency when it comes to freight transportation is vital. Any business, big or small, would love to cut costs wherever possible.

When it comes to shipping costs, it is reasonable to look up cheaper ways to deliver freight. But before searching for the cheapest way to ship, you need to know about the things that directly affect transportation costs.

  • Freight class. It is a key parameter to consider. Properly classified freight ensures that the carrier can accurately pick a vehicle (service) and estimate transportation costs.
  • Shipping service. Depending on the shipping service you choose, shipping costs can be different. For example, expedited will be more expensive than regular FTL shipment.
  • Transportation mode. The kind of transport that is used for freight shipping also affects shipping costs. Ground transport, rail, ocean, or air. Shipping by plane is considered the most expensive one.
  • Pickup point and destination. The distance between these points and their accessibility play an important role in pricing. Shipping to or from rural areas might be more expensive.
  • Urgency. The more urgent delivery is, the higher the rates will be. Special services that provide time-sensitive transportation are more expensive than regular delivery.
  • Additional services. If you need extra care for your load, transportation costs will be higher. Any handling, packaging, and extra equipment will add numbers to a paycheck.

Cheapest Way to Ship Heavy Items: Affordable Heavy Haul Shipping

First off, you need to choose from who you want to get the service: directly from the carrier or leave it all to a freight broker. Consider that each company has its own definition of a heavy item and can charge differently. You can use online load boards or get free quotes from several trucking companies.

To save some money on heavy haul, you can do these things:

  • Determine your freight class and know the approximate weight and dimensions
  • Provide good packaging if possible
  • Plan your shipping in advance as last-minute transportation is always more expensive

Cheapest Way to Ship Large Packages

When it comes to large packages, be sure to provide quality packaging. If you do that, the carrier company won’t charge extra for their packaging (which is pretty expensive).

If you plan to ship large packages regularly, consider working with one carrier. This will give you unique transportation solutions and discounts.

Cheapest Way to Ship Small Items: Fast Solutions for Small Freight

The cheapest way to ship small items might be an LTL shipping service. It provides flexible delivery options as well as pretty low transportation costs.

LTL shipment allows you to pay only for the space that your parcel takes inside the truck or trailer. You do not rent the whole vehicle; you share it with other people.

Cheapest Way to Ship a Small Package

If your package is too small for the carrier company to handle, you can always use regular postal services. Just be sure to give your package a good wrapping.

To get the lowest price for shipping, be sure to plan your delivery and be aware of any weather conditions that also may affect shipping costs.


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