What is the Difference Between Regional and Dedicated Freight Shipping

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What is the Difference Between Regional and Dedicated Freight Shipping


Difference Between Regional and Dedicated Transportation

When you want to become a trucker, the transportation industry offers numerous shipping methods you can choose from. Regional and dedicated shipping allows the trucker to be at home more often and have a good income level. Let’s look at the definitions closer:

  • Regional shipping is a division inside a company (or independent contractor) that operates in a specific region of the country. 
  • Dedicated shipping implies that a trucker works exclusively with one customer that they are assigned to.

The differences between these two transportation types are based on road-time and routine. 

With regional trucking:

  • 1 or 2 days at home weekly. But it can become stressful in the long run.
  • Higher mileage. But you might not have much time out of the truck due to the quick load/unload turnaround.
  • Variety of loads from different shippers. But your income depends on the amount of carried freight.

With dedicated trucking:

  • Familiar and predictable routes. The driver might get bored of the routine.
  • Consistent schedule and loads. But you can get bored of carrying the same loads.
  • Potentially, you can increase your load volumes when you know the route better. 

When choosing between regional and dedicated trucking, you need to consider their bad and good sides. If you’re okay with routine and want to be home every evening – dedicated is your choice. Regional runs will do if you want more variety of routes and freights.


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