What is the Going Rate for Freight Per Mile

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What is the Going Rate for Freight Per Mile


Knowing the current situation with pricing on the trucking market is essential for carrier companies and owner-operators. Because nobody wants their business to be unprofitable.

At the beginning of 2022, trucking rates per mile average at:

  • Flatbed – $3.14 per mile
  • Reefer – $3.19 per mile
  • Van – $2.76 per mile

Remember that these are just average numbers, and they can change depending on the main factors that shape transportation prices.

What Factors Affect Shipping Rates

There is a number of fundamental factors that affect transportation rates. Their change means the change of shipping rates per mile.

  • Mileage. The more miles the carrier has to drive – the higher the rates.
  • Density. Freight density is measured in pounds per cubic foot. That means the rates will be higher if your load is heavy and takes a lot of space.
  • Freight class. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) defines 18 freight classes. Each class is priced differently due to different density, value, handling, liability, and stackability.
  • Transportation method and service. Shipping rates differ, depending on which transportation method (ground, air, sea) or transportation service (LTL, FTL, Flatbed, etc.) you have chosen.
  • Season. It is not a secret that shipping during the summer or winter holidays is more expensive.

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