What is Vehicle Shipping: Car Transportation Explained

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What is Vehicle Shipping: Car Transportation Explained


What is Car Shipping: How It Works

Car shipping is a popular transportation service. Oftentimes, it does not require your involvement. Carrier arrives at your place and takes a car (or multiple vehicles) directly from your place. Then the vehicle gets loaded onto the carrier trailer or into the container. After the car is properly secured, it gets delivered to the desired destination.

Before shipping, you need to prepare your car. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Remove all your personal belongings
  • Leave very little gas (quarter tank will be enough)
  • Give a spare set of keys to the truck driver
  • If you transport in an open trailer, washing and waxing the car will protect it 
  • Take a few photos of your car to have a proof in case of damage

Choosing between closed and open trailer is up to you. In most cases, carriers recommend an open trailer as it is a cost-efficient option that provides enough protection. The enclosed trailer will be justified in case of shipping an expensive car or if you don’t want your vehicle to be damaged by the sun or other conditions.

How Much Does It Cost?

Car transportation, pretty much like other kinds of shipping, mostly depends on the same criterias:

  • Size and weight of the car. That’s why you need to clean up the interior from your stuff. The heavier the vehicle – the higher the paycheck.
  • Mileage. A longer trip will cost you more.
  • Pickup and delivery location. The accessibility of locations and whether it is a major city or rural area.
  • Season. Summer and holiday seasons are the most expensive to ship a vehicle.

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