What Services Do Trucking Companies Provide

Most trucking companies specialize in specific types of trucking services. However, some carriers provide a wide variety of different services. Let’s check them out in our blog post.


What Services Do Trucking Companies Provide


Services Offered by Trucking Companies

The trucking industry is a wide and well-built business. Some carriers specialize in a certain type of transportation service. Mostly, something delicate like time-sensitive freight or overweight and heavy haul shipping. If you have these kinds of commodities it is better to work with a carrier who has experience in such service.

Other companies tend to work with regular freight, providing tailored delivery solutions and supporting supply chains for businesses.

Full Truckload

FTL shipping is a great option for those who have enough freight to fill the whole truck or trailer. The truck works only with your load, so delivery has no unnecessary delays how it will be with the LTL shipment.

Less Than Truckload

LTL fits those who have small amounts of cargo that can’t fill the truck. Less than truckload allow you to cooperate with other shippers and share the truck between you. The benefit of this transportation type is that you only pay for the taken space. However, LTL doesn’t give you much control over the shipping route.


Intermodal shipping is a combination of different transport (rail, road, air, ocean) that is used for shipping. In most cases, it is a combo of road and rail transport. Intermodal shipping is good for large volumes of freight that you need to deliver over long distances. It is faster and more cost-efficient.

Heavy Haul

Based on the title, heavy haul service provides different solutions for extra heavy loads. Not all companies can handle such types of shipping. That’s why there are carrier companies that specialize in heavy haul trucking, and you should work with them.


It is one of the most popular transportation services. It provides the fastest transportation from point A to point B. For expedited freight, carrier companies are using road and air transport. 

Last Mile

Last mile delivery guarantees fast and safe transportation of goods to the final consumer. It is a perfect transportation type for e-commerce businesses that rely on same-day or one-day delivery. 


Dedicated delivery can mean various types of delivery; however, the customer purchases the route that will be used only for their load. It is an expensive kind of transportation. Although, if you constantly work with the same carrier, you can get special offers and discounts.

Temperature Controlled

This transportation service requires special equipment (refrigerator trailer) to keep the products safe along the way. The same as with heavy haul shipping, you should look up companies that specialize in reefer transportation.

Household Move

Many transportation companies also provide house moving services. They give you vehicles and transport your belongings wherever you need them. However, loader services may not be provided by trucking companies.


If the company owns warehouses and has extra free space in them, they can provide warehousing services and store your goods before departing.


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