How to Ship a Large Item

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How to Ship a Large Item


How to Ship a Heavy Item

Heavy and large items can be difficult to deal with. When it comes to shipping, you must decide which transportation service is more of a fitting option. Also, if it is possible, consider splitting your large shipment into smaller ones, as it may be less expensive to transport.

For big parcels, crates, or boxes, you can use regular shipping services like LTL, FTL, or expedited if you are in a hurry. When your freight is so large that it won’t fit in a regular van or a truck, then flatbed or oversized shipping is a way to go.

Before contacting a carrier, you should do this to make your shipping experience much easier:

  • Use strong boxes for the freight
  • Pack only with heavy-duty tape
  • Measure the weight and size of your package to know its dimensions
  • Label your package and inform the carrier about any specifications of your load

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Cost to Ship Large Box

Any shipping cost estimation depends on several factors. Besides the general ones like fuel cost, season, and distance, there are four variables that are also important:

  • Weight. Weight is an important factor to consider as the carrier needs to know if your freight requires additional equipment for handling.
  • Dimensional weight. It means the density of your box. And it is the most common pricing technique used for large boxes.
  • Kind of freight. The price might change depending on what is inside the box.
  • Packaging. Some carriers provide this service, or you can do it yourself. 

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