How Long Does it Take to Ship a Motorcycle

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How Long Does it Take to Ship a Motorcycle


Planning your motorcycle shipping beforehand is always the right choice. Then you can be sure that your bike will be delivered right when you need it. 

Depending on the chosen transportation method (ground, air, or sea), the shipping schedule looks different. Air and sea transport are used for international delivery, except when you are ready to pay a lot to get your motor faster. Most people use ground transportation via truck. On average, it takes from 3 to 14 days to deliver, depending on the destination.

You can also have an approximate time of delivery from your carrier, but you never know what delays may occur. That’s why it is important to learn about factors that directly affect transition time. These factors are:

  • Distance. It is the main factor that determines transit time. The longer the route – the longer it takes to deliver your bike.
  • Chosen service. Depending on the chosen shipment type (open, closed, crate, container, etc.) the carrier needs time to prepare it.
  • Origin and destination points. Hard-to-reach and rural areas in general take more time to drive due to bad roads or narrow streets.
  • Time of the year. It is more effective to plan your shipping off-season (summer and winter holidays). Delivery will take less time and be more affordable.
  • Weather. It is always an unpredictable factor. Heavy rain or snow storms can paralyze transportation for days.
  • Traffic. It is a big problem for major cities. It won’t change the time frame a lot, but delivery an hour or two later is still a bummer.

In general, intrastate deliveries are performed on one or two-day delivery. For interstate shipping, be prepared to wait about a week. If you are planning coast-to-coast delivery – it will take up to two weeks.

The best way to get your shipping performed the fastest is to plan it off-season. Use the services of the carrier that is experienced in vehicle and motorcycle delivery.


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