How Much Does It Cost to Ship My Car

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship My Car


Car shipping is a big part of the transportation industry. It is a required service, as not many people have time to transport their own vehicles. Also, it gives extra wear and mileage to your vehicle.

There are lots of carrier companies that provide car hauling services, and most of them only specialize in it. If you want to ship a car within the continental U.S., you’ll need to budget between $700 and $1,200. This quote applies to ground transportation as shipping by boat or air is more expensive. Most carriers provide online calculators that allow you to estimate the approximate costs. However, you need to know certain specs of your car to get a more accurate price estimation.

There are several factors that build up the price. You can understand the pricing better if you consider them. The specifications you’ll need to provide are:

  • Size and weight of your vehicle. The bigger the car – the bigger the rates.
  • Required distance. Longer distances mean higher fuel and labor charges.
  • Pickup and delivery region. Shipping to and from big cities is cheaper than from rural areas. Also, add the accessibility of pickup and delivery locations. 
  • Vehicle’s make and model. Luxury and classic cars are more expensive to transport due to higher risks.
  • Preferred transportation type. Whether you choose an open or enclosed trailer.
  • Time of the year. Summer and holiday seasons are the most expensive.

Also, a significant addition to the final transportation costs is insurance. All carriers are required to carry insurance. Although, it might not cover your case, especially when you ship an expensive vehicle. You can purchase supplemental insurance or talk to your current provider if they cover long-distance shipping.


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