How to Pack an Engine for Shipping

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How to Pack an Engine for Shipping


Whether you have a motorcycle engine, car engine, or truck engine, it must be properly prepared and packed for shipping. There is a very small number of shipping companies that’ll do it for you. So, most of the time, you gotta take it into your own hands.

And for those, who don\’t know how engine shipping works, we have prepared a list of things you need to do to ensure smooth and cost-efficient shipping. Here’s the list:

  • Draining all fluids. That is the main thing you need to do. Oils or dirty water inside the motor can splatter out during the move and stain or damage other freight. Carrier has a full right to refuse your load if there are any fluids inside. 
  • Absorbent material. To be sure that an unexpected leakage won’t damage anything, you must provide some kind of absorbent material. Cover the pallet with it before placing the engine.
  • Crate or pallet. Engine shipping is allowed only inside the shipping crate or on the pallet. The motor needs to be tightly secured so it doesn’t move during the transportation process.
  • Cushioning. If the motor is hard to secure because there are no flat sides, you should use an old tire to cushion it.
  • Strap it up. Depending on the engine\’s weight, you need to choose different materials (e.g. chains, straps, ropes). Make sure to fasten it tight.

Packing an engine is essential as you don’t want it to get damaged on the way. Also, you don’t want it to damage other freight inside the shipping truck. Proper preparation will ensure not only safe engine transportation but also lower shipping costs.


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