How to Package Furniture for Shipping

If you are planning to ship your furniture for the first time, this post will be useful for you. We will talk about easy and effective ways to pack your things so they won’t get damaged along the way. Subscribe to our blog for more insightful pieces.


How to Package Furniture for Shipping


How to Pack Furniture for Shipping

If you are going to  transport your furniture for the first time, you need to know how to package furniture for shipping. It is vital to provide good packaging because you don’t want your belongings to get damaged along the way.

We decided to help you with this task and prepared 10 easy and helpful packing tips for any occasion.

  • Use only sturdy boxes to pack your stuff so they won’t tear
  • When shipping multiple items, be sure to wrap them separately to protect each piece
  • Be sure that there’s no space inside the box, and if there is – add more filling material
  • Wrap each item entirely by enclosing them with protective material
  • Each box must be labeled with the address
  • Don’t be cheap with cushioning and filler materials
  • Seal boxes with strong shipping tape
  • Disassemble all furniture if possible and box or wrap them into one piece
  • If you need to transport electronics, shipping it in the original box will be the best choice
  • If you are shipping couches – remove slipcovers and cushions and wrap them separately
  • Wooden furniture with a polished finish should have extra protection
  • Use pallets to stack your boxes

By following these tips, you can secure your furniture during the move and not get charged extra for poor packaging. 
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