How to Ship Furniture

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How to Ship Furniture


How to Ship Furniture Across the Country

Whether you are moving, buying furniture, or just want to send some of your stuff to your relatives, shipping your belongings might seem a hard task. Fortunately, the transportation industry offers a plethora of ways that allow you to easily ship furniture cross-country. You can also do it yourself; however, it will cost you not only money but lots of time that you can spend more productively.

If you want to use the services of a carrier company, you will be required to provide the following information:

  • Size and the amount of the items. Many items like big furniture or couches are difficult to move without proper help. Carrier also needs to choose vehicles that can fit all your stuff.
  • Weight. Heavy furniture may require loading equipment.
  • Value. Expensive and luxury furniture will require extra layers of protection and insurance.
  • Destination and origin/delivery points. The longer the trip – the higher the rates. Plus, picking up and delivering from hard-to-reach or rural areas also creates an additional task for the carrier.

To get the smoothest experience, you will need to properly pack all your belongings so the carrier won’t charge you extra for packaging. Always use sturdy boxes and lots of filler material.

Depending on the volume of your furniture, the chosen transportation company can offer you LTL, FTL, or expedited. For cross-country furniture shipping, you will get a long haul.

How to Ship Furniture to Another State

To ship furniture to another state, you will need a good transportation services provider and some preparations. Shipping around neighboring states is easy and won’t take a lot of time. But you still don’t need to neglect the safety of your belongings and properly pack them.

Also, be prepared to face extra fees, as some states have their own regulations in terms of freight shipping. Be sure to talk about that with your shipping service provider.

How to Move Furniture Across States

Cross-country furniture moving can not be cheap nor fast. When preparing for your move to another location that is far away from your current one, be sure to inspect the transportation market and get in touch with several carriers or brokers. It will allow you to plan your budget and time frames. 
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